Our passion for the textile world has allowed us to evolve throughout history, establishing ourselves as a leading company in the regional market. We believe in human talent and technical innovation, a mix that has enabled us to create new and improved manufacturing techniques.

We are pioneers in developing textile products with a philosophy of excellence in service, which allow us to be versatile, flexible, when satisfying the current market’s needs .

We offer the best products and services:

  • Spinning (Open End, Vortex, Ring and Compact yarns) carded and combed.
  • Woven fabrics (normal, jacquard, dobby, denim, bed sheets and towels) in pre_dyed yarn piece and printed products.
  • Knitted fabrics (circular and warp).
  • Full Package: Our services include patterns, design, accessories, marking and carving, cutting, samples and duplicates, production, screen printing, finishes, quality control, ironing, labelling, barcode, folding, packaging, among others.