We have been trendsetters in the regional textile market, by creating outstanding products that have become a quality model. Our spinning is equipped with the best machinery, directed by a team of specialists committed to their craft. We develop a great variety of yarns with different fibres.

Our fibres and yarns:

  • US Cotton and
  • Organic cotton and BCI.
  • Polyester (Textured, Short Fibres, T-400, CoolMax, Thermolite, Coolcore, etc.).
  • Other fibres: rayon or viscose, modal, micro modal, modal colors and Tencel, among others.
  • Lycra
  • Linen


Open End

We can process title yarns counts for Open End, from 6/1 up to 30/1 Ne.


We offer ring-spun yarn counts, up to 120/1 Ne, through a versatile line that allows it to produce different products from a single fiber; blended yarns for different fibres, spandex threads, slubs, fantasy yarn as snow, neps threads and triblends.

  • Carded ring yarns: titles from 6/1 Ne up to 30/a Ne
  • Combed yarns: titles from 15/1 Ne up to 50/1 no.
  • 2-Ply yarns
  • Slubs
  • Fantasy thread

This technology uses air for the rotation of the thread, creating fibers with unique structures and perfect for the manufacture of threads with various functionalities. We produce titles from 20 / a Ne to 50/1 Ne, with blends of polyester / cotton and / or regenerated fibers and 100% polyester.